Henderson Blvd. church of Christ Summer Series 2023:

40 TOPICS – Questions and concerns our friends, neighbors, and relatives have about God and the Bible

20 SPEAKERS – Two each evening

10 SESSIONS  June 1 through August 3, Thursday nights, 7-8:30pm

4 Topics covered in each evening’s sessionfollowed by a Q&A period

1 Theme – “Help me understand…..”


Questions, doubts, and confusion come at us from those we interact with at work, at school, in the neighborhood, on the phone or internet, and at family gatherings.

How do we respond to those, in usually a short period of time, and with limited preparation?

This summer, we’ll tackle this challenge, with men of God who are taking on 4 of these issues per night, in 15-minute increments. Short, but powerful answers to the questions others have. These men will help equip us to help others in their search for truth.

Join us as we learn how to respond to the plea.


Help me understand...

June 1  - John Weaver, John Guzzetta

  • What role miracles play in the Bible
  • How I am supposed to apply the teachings of the Bible to my life
  • Why you think the Bible originated with God
  • What prophesies are and why they seem so important in the Bible


June 8 – Jason Longstreth, Josh Creel

  • Why God made us
  • A person’s obligations to the world around us, living and inanimate
  • How the heavens declare the glory of God
  • Why I should consider the Bible to be superior to other major religious texts


June 15 – Phil Robertson, Andrew Roberts

  • How I can develop a personal relationship with God
  • Why preachers and teachers are necessary, if the Bible was meant to be understood by all
  • Why it is that all of us “sin”, when it seems to be part of our make-up from the beginning
  • What “Judge not lest you be judged” is all about


June 22 – Thaxter Dickey, Jason Dickey

  • Why your God is so anti-sin
  • Why Jesus had to die
  • Why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament
  • How the Bible is supposed to shape our ethical and moral standards


June 29 – Jeff Himmel, Jonathan Banning

  • What relationship Science has to the Bible
  • Why you have any right to share your faith with others
  • How I can become proficient in knowing what the Bible says
  • How the Bible esteems me more highly than the world esteems me


July 6 – Nathan Ward, Tom Hamilton

  • Why Christianity is so exclusive of other religions
  • What the Church is all about
  • How the Bible addresses social injustice and war and global suffering
  • The most profitable way to read my Bible


July 13 – Luke Chandler, Todd Chandler

  • How an ancient book like the Bible can speak to my life today
  • Why God cares if I follow Him or not
  • How culture affects my understanding of the Bible
  • Why my Bible is different from the Catholic/Orthodox Bible?


July 20 – John Trigg, Shane Scott

  • Why the Bible was written over such a long period of time
  • Whether all the Bible applies to me or not
  • Why God chose to communicate with us through a written book
  • How people who never heard about Jesus could be lost


July 27 – Brent Forsyth, Jeff Carr

  • Why reading the Bible regularly is so important
  • Why the Bible was written by so many different people
  • How history has affected how we view the Bible
  • Why God wants me to worship Him


August 3 – Greg Bell, Edwin Crozier

  • Why God would want me to pray to Him
  • What the story of the Bible is
  • Why there are so many different translations of the Bible
  • Why I should believe the Bible is THE Word of God


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