How We Worship

How We Worship

Our worship is based on the examples of the first Christians as they worshiped God. Feel free to participate, or just observe, any of these activities. These are the ways we honor God, and why :

Prayers are offered by different men of the church to seek God's face, to pray for those who need His power and forgiveness, and to praise His greatness. See I Timothy 2:8.

Songs are always sung a capella (which means "in the style of the churches") because that was the practice of the early church. See Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16.

The Breaking of the Bread is a memorial to Jesus our Lord. We celebrate this each Sunday as disciples have always done (Acts 20:7). This memorial is for Christians. Each individual determines his/her participation. See I Corinthians 11:23-34.

The contribution of the saints is taken up each Sunday, as ordered by Paul in I Corinthians 16: 1, 2. This is a collection from our church family. Guests may contribute but are not expected to do so.

The sermon is usually given by an evangelist, or one of the brothers will speak. You are encouraged to follow along in your Bible or one of the Bibles in the pew racks. Listen carefully, proving all things from the Word. This is never insulting to us - we demand Biblical proof for all we preach and practice. See Acts 17:11.