Deacon David BrickeyDavid Brickey

I am blessed to be married and have 2 children. I have been blessed to serve as a preacher at Henderson since 2021, and have served as a deacon here since the summer of 2022. The church at Henderson has shown me what lives filled with Christ look like. I grew up in Washington State in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. I love books, coffee, chess, and preparing meals for my family.







Deacon Bryan BritzBryan Britz

I’m married with 3 children.  My kids are in or nearing college and young adult stages of life.  My wife is an assistant principal.  Our responsibilities as deacons are not always directly related to our work experience, but I really enjoy that mine currently does.  Serving this congregation by managing our adult auditorium bible class allows me to draw upon a great number of my work experiences, and also lean on my wife’s expertise as well.  I believe great adult bible classes lead us to harder questions and challenge us to dig deeper into our understanding and application of biblical truths.  Henderson is simply a wonderful congregation for this approach to adult Bible classes.  Our members are deep in the word, open to exploring new thinking, and readily demonstrate vulnerability-based trust in having honest conversations.  I enjoy golfing, playing guitar, traveling, preparing and eating good food, playing video games with friends, and live music.  I found the Lord at Henderson while I was in high school, and am happy my life brought me back home to the Tampa area in 2014 after 10 years in the also lovely state of Texas.



Deacon Joe CableJoe Cable

I have been a member of the Henderson Boulevard church family for over two decades.  I oversee classroom resources and coordinate curriculum and teachers for the Middle and High School classes. I was raised in Indiana and transplanted to Florida to attend Florida College and begin the next phase of life.  Along with my wife and two boys, we love the work we do for the Lord with this group. Additionally, it is the purposefulness in which the worship and the work are conducted that cause us to feel this is where we can get closer to God and serve His kingdom.






Deacon Tyler CainTyler Cain

Our family has been with the Henderson Blvd saints since 2004 when, as newlyweds, my wife and I came here. My role as a deacon is head of ushering. I help maintain the focus of worship for all those assembling without being a distraction.

Kara and I have 3 children: Carson, Ila Kate, and Caroline. Carson and Ila Kate have now become disciples of Christ Jesus! 






Deacon Colt Clark

Colt Clark

I grew up in Ocala Florida and was very fortunate to be raised by loving, God-fearing parents.  My brothers and I were encouraged to pursue things we were passionate about, but always having the ultimate goal of getting to heaven and bringing others to Christ.  I was baptized in 1993 and I've been pushing toward that same goal to make it to heaven ever since.  I've been very blessed to make music my profession, something I'm passionate about.

In 2006, I met and fell in love with my wife and support system, Aubree, and we were married the next year.  We have 3 wonderful kids who have known Henderson as their church family since 2015.  I'm honored to work and serve here at Henderson with my family.




Deacon Steven Ford

Steven Ford

My family and I have worshipped with the saints at Henderson Blvd since 2017, and I've been honored to serve as a deacon since 2018. My primary area of service involves scheduling and organizing roles for public worship in our assembly. I was raised in Kentucky among Christians, and my family has been part of churches in KY and TX before settling down in the Tampa area. Recently my parents relocated and now worship at Henderson. I work as a physician in the NICU at Tampa General Hospital. We have three children and all of our family recognize what a blessing it is to belong to such a tight-knit group of loving and diverse believers -- Christians who continually encourage one another while sharing in the joys and hardships of this life.





Deacon Shands Greenlee

Shands Greenlee

My wife Shanna and I are Florida natives and have been married since 2005 and have two children.  We’ve been attending Henderson for over 12 years and are blessed to have my parents, in-laws, and extended family worshiping with us. My work involves looking after widows and elderly, and managing the parking attendants each week.







Deacon Preston Hollis

Preston Hollis

Born and raised in Tampa, I have been married for over 20 years and together we have 2 driving-aged children. I became a disciple of Jesus Christ in April of 1999 while attending Florida State University. As a deacon, I help with security and building maintenance. I am an avid hockey fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, love cooking, working with my hands, and spending time with my family. What drew us to Henderson was how genuine, friendly, and welcoming everyone was from the moment we entered the building. Henderson truly feels like a family. 






Deacon Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson

My wife, Alyssa, and I moved to Florida in August of 2021 and immediately associated with Henderson Blvd.  We have two married daughters and six grandchildren.  Our younger daughter and her family also worship at Henderson.  I currently serve as the deacon with a focus on communicating with outside evangelists, attendance tracking and visitor tracking. Prior to coming to Henderson Alyssa and I worshiped at North Beach in Fort Worth Texas for over thirty-five years where I served as a deacon and an elder. I have been on two preaching trips to Tasmania, each lasting three months. 






Deacon Micah Moseley

Micah Moseley

I’m married, with 3 children. Born and raised in Kentucky, I spent 20 years in Concord, NC before moving to Tampa. I am grateful to serve as a deacon at Henderson Blvd and worship with my whole family here. I enjoy skiing, all things fitness, and hanging with my 3 almost-grown children, and wife, as much as possible. 







Deacon Adam Olson

Adam Olson

My wife and I have been married 20+ years and have four children. Our lives are full serving the saints at Henderson Blvd and the students who attend the school where we work. I have a deep passion for music, having worked in the music business and taught music for many years. My role as a deacon is in the equipping of believers as they worship in song. I help arrange special services, song worship, and song training to help us be more effective in what the Hebrew writer calls the ’sacrifice of our lips.’ 






Deacon Alan Parham

Alan Parham

I am married and have one daughter here in this life and two babies in Heaven.  Our family has been a part of the Henderson family for over 10 years.  We were drawn to Henderson Blvd, and remain with this church, because of the welcoming kindness shown by all, the devotion to God’s word, and the undeniable spirit of unity and purpose evident in each family individually and the congregation as a whole.  I am responsible for ensuring the technology supporting our assemblies and classes is appropriate and functioning to meet our church’s needs.






Deacon Austin Parimore

Austin Parimore

I am married with three children. I have been a member of Henderson since 2017 and have been blessed to serve the family of Henderson as a deacon since 2022. I was baptized into Christ in 2006 and have tried to serve him faithfully since then. I was raised in Tampa, FL, and met my wife at Florida College where I currently work as a professor. Our family loves worshipping with this group, where we see so many who embody the life of Christ with whole heart, soul, and mind. 







Deacon Garet Qualls

Garet Qualls

I'm married and have two sons. Liz and I have worshipped at Henderson since we married in 2005. We love Henderson Blvd because of the leadership, the hour-long focus on Jesus in the Eulogy, and the sense of community and belonging our church family instills. I have served as a deacon since 2014 in various roles, including evangelism, song-leading, and public worship service. Currently, I help with orientation of our new members and college students. I was born in London, England, where my dad was preaching. We moved to Atlanta, GA, in the 90s, and I've been in Tampa since attending Florida College from 2000-2002. Our family loves to travel, eat good food, and participate in soccer-related activities.





Deacon Nick Ross

Nick Ross

I am a native Floridian living in Lakeland with my wife and four children. We love visiting local parks and spending time as a family. We serve this congregation of God's people alongside my wife's family. Resources and supplies management is my current assignment. I am so thankful to be a part of the family at Henderson - a truly genuine and unique group of God's people earnestly striving to serve God.  







Deacon Henrique Ruiz

Henrique Ruiz

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and came to the US in 2008 to study and play tennis in college. While there, I met the two loves of my life – Jesus, and my wife Gina. We have 3 children and have been worshiping and serving at Henderson Blvd. since 2012. We are passionate about helping and serving the needy and getting outside of our comfort zone to experience and understand Jesus more clearly. We also enjoy having friends over for delicious Brazilian “churrasco.”







Deacon Richard Smotherman

Richard Smotherman

I’m honored to be a deacon in the Lord’s church that meets on Henderson Blvd. My role as a deacon is “Mass Communication” which includes sending out the weekly email bulletin and updates to the website. I am married and have two children who are in covenant with God. I enjoy discussing religion, politics, economics, marketing/sales, and the psychology of influence. I also enjoy making things. I was baptized in the 1900s. My wife and I are impressed with the leadership at Henderson Blvd church of Christ and we’re happy to be a part of the congregation. 






Deacon Mark Willis

Mark Willis

My wife, Beth, and I live in St. Petersburg and have been married over 25 years and have 3 daughters. We’ve attended Henderson Blvd since early in our marriage and I’ve been a servant of this body of believers since 2008. We love the cohesiveness and affection our brothers and sisters display for each other. Professionally I work alongside my wife, helping people meet financial goals. We love being with friends and family, hiking, boating, and traveling. 







Deacon Wes Wilson

Wes Wilson

I have been blessed to grow up in a family where parents, siblings, aunt and uncle, cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents all worshipped together in my hometown of Barnesville, Ohio. I have been blessed with great Godly influences and for that, I am eternally grateful. I was baptized at 13 on the same day as my younger brother. I was a deacon in Reno, Ohio, and now serve as a deacon here at Henderson Blvd in managing the financial contributions. My wife and I have 3 beautiful children. We have lived in OH, WV, and now FL. One of the things that attracted us to the congregation at Henderson Blvd is the large number of younger families where our children have an opportunity to create friendships with children with like-minded parents. We are blessed to be a part of the body at Henderson Blvd and consider it an honor to labor here.