About Us

About Us

The Henderson Boulevard church of Christ sprang from the Howard Avenue church. That congregation first met in a house located on North Howard Avenue in 1928 with approximately 15 members. When it had grown to 200 members, the group moved to 215 North Howard Avenue. When further growth called for yet another expansion, the decision was made to relocate and build a new meeting place.

At that time, in 1955/56, Howard Avenue Church of Christ was guided by two shepherds: Fred S. Dudney and C. Ed Owings. There were seven deacons. Some of the men who had served as preachers were A.B. Sheppard, Jack Frost, Bond Stocks and Jim Sellers.

The new building was located at 3402 Henderson Boulevard. Since January 1957 many preachers served the Lord’s people at Henderson Blvd. Some of them were Pat Hardeman, James Walker, W.C. Scott, Everett Mann, Jack Hobby, Ken Clark, James Denison, Harry Pickup, Sr., Frank Andrews, Jeff Harward, Andy DeKlerk, Al Vaughn, Paul Sheehan, and Ron Drumm. Presently, Ralph Walker, Jr. and David Brickey are full-time preachers.

Currently, Bob Dunn, Brian Gilliam, Todd McNally, Brian Perconti, Sr. and Ralph Walker, Jr., serve as shepherds of the congregation, along with nineteen deacons – David Brickey, Bryan Britz, Joe Cable, Tyler Cain, Colt Clark, Steven Ford, Shands Greenlee, Preston Hollis, Kelly Johnson, Micah Moseley, Adam Olson, Alan Parham, Austin Parimore, Garet Qualls, Nick Ross, Henrique Ruiz, Richard Smotherman, Mark Willis, and Wes Wilson.

Our congregation is thriving and growing in Christ, thanks be to God. We not only serve our South Tampa community in preaching the Gospel, but we help support four evangelists who work in other countries. We send our members to Honduras annually, and have sent men to preach in the Philippines and Nicaragua.

The Henderson Boulevard family is wonderfully blessed. We know the true power, life, and hope for our congregation lies in the grace of God the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ!