Eulogy means “good word” in Latin. It is most often associated with a message delivered at the death of someone, praising their life. It is fitting that we call our messages around the cross and table of the Lord a eulogy. We are speaking of the power, the majesty and the saving grace of Jesus our Lord. Our eulogies are extended messages, meant to draw the congregation into a focused meditation on the Lord Jesus. In this way we “proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes” (I Corinthians 11:26). The saints at Henderson Blvd experience this memorial every first day of the week.

The Square Meal – Commemoration

Ralph Walker

Devoted to the Supper

Ralph Walker

The Riches of God’s Kindness and Grace

Ron Drumm

Sharing a Meal with Yahweh

David Brickey

I am Joseph!

Ralph Walker

The Lord’s Church Today

Mark Dunigan

A Burial Place

Ralph Walker

The Body and Blood of our Lord

Ralph Walker

The Cost of Grace

Adam Olson

Jacob and Jesus – Tag Team Partners

Ralph Walker