2022 Summer Series

2022 Summer Series



Appraising the Church for Our Generation

Theme: Why the church exists and what purposes it serves for God and for disciples

June 2 – August 4, Thursday nights at 7pm

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3402 Henderson Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609


1) The Church: Its Background
June 2

Where did the idea for church come from? Is it connected in any way to Israel’s temple or the synagogue system? How did it differ from contemporary pagan assembly structures and worship?

David McClister, Luke Chandler


2) The Church: Its Beginning
June 9

What was its point of origin? Its population? Its priorities?

Jason McCreary, Jeff Himmel


3) The Church: Its Nature
June 16

What is its structure? What does it mean that we are living stones?  How does the church compare to the individual Christian? What is its unique status in the world (compared to non-profits, clubs, social groups, self-help groups, political action groups)? What does it mean that the church is sanctified?

John Weaver, Phil Robertson


4) The Church: Mutual Ministry
June 23

Does the NT indicate all members are to interact and minister to each other in the church? If so, how do we determine how to serve and whom we should serve?

Chuck Richardson, Edwin Crozier


5) The Church: Online Ministry
June 30

Can one be a member of a local church from a distance? Can one stay adequately connected online? What can enhance or enrich those distance worship experiences?

Kenny Embry, Mark McCrary


6) The Church: Growing Disciples
July 7

Is it the church’s mission to help followers of Jesus grow and mature, or is the church mainly an organism of worship with focus on God? With so much of secular education moving to distance learning, can the church follow that pattern? Are there good reasons to do that?

Tom Hamilton, Doy Moyer


7) The Church: Its Worship
July 14

Is worship meant to be a communal action? Aren’t there advantages in worshiping online, such as being able to choose with whom we worship, when we join in worship, the degree to which one enters into the worship? Is community worship different, and if so, how? How does the church fit into the need for community worship?

Jeff Carr, Kent Heaton


8) The Church: Membership
July 21

Is joining oneself to a local church important? Is it necessary to do so? What does that involve?

Can one be a “stand-alone” disciple of Jesus? What are the responsibilities and benefits of membership in a local church?

Jonathan Banning, Don Truex


9) The Church: Discipline of Members
July 28

Does the church have a role in maintaining the holiness of its members? How does a church train members to be righteous? Is the group dynamic necessary for success in this matter? What does discipline look like in practical terms?

Thaxter Dickey, Jason Dickey


10) The Church: Unity in Diversity
August 4

How does the church promote tolerance and acceptance of others unlike ourselves? Should we Christians be more/less/as tolerant as our culture generally is toward others? What principles are brought to bear in this? How does this translate to reaching others outside the church?

John Guzzetta, Josh Creel




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