Eulogy means “good word” in Latin. It is most often associated with a message delivered at the death of someone, praising their life. It is fitting that we call our messages around the cross and table of the Lord a eulogy. We are speaking of the power, the majesty and the saving grace of Jesus our Lord. Our eulogies are extended messages, meant to draw the congregation into a focused meditation on the Lord Jesus. In this way we “proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes” (I Corinthians 11:26). The saints at Henderson Blvd experience this memorial every first day of the week.

Jesus, Defender of Sinners

Dillon Adams

I’m the One Who Shouted Crucify Him

Ron Drumm

The Adam Palindrome

Ralph Walker

Assemble the Pieces

Garet Qualls

Because Nobody Else Can

Ralph Walker

Bring a tent peg to a sword fight

Ralph Walker

What the Supper of the Lord Is

Ralph Walker

A Place of Peace

Adam Olson


Ralph Walker

The Eulogy for Jesus

Ralph Walker