Our Work

The church of Jesus Christ at Henderson Boulevard is a group of christians dedicated to serving God by serving others. Our work can be categorized as:

EVANGELISM – Matthew 28:18-20
We were taught about Christ by someone. We have an obligation to teach others that they may know the Lord, too. We do this through special week and weekend series, Bible courses by mail, home Bible studies with interested individuals, sermon audio and financially supporting preachers locally, nationally and in foreign lands.

EDUCATION – Ephesians 4:11-16
We learn more about Christ so we can serve Him better and remain loyal to His cause. We do this through bi-weekly Bible classes for all ages, sermons, printed materials (weekly bulletins, tracts, workbooks) and small group studies.

BENEVOLENCE -Acts 2:44, 45
The church family takes care of its own. We have limited financial resources because we believe we should be doing all we can to advance the kingdom of God. If a church member here needs financial assistance, or other resources, we share their needs.